The Greek Association of Computational Mechanics (GRACM) was founded in Athens, in 1991. It is an affiliate of the International Association of Computational Mechanics (IACM) and the European Community of Computational Methods in Applied Sciences (ECCOMAS).

The main objective of the Association is to promote the science of Computational Mechanics, which, according to its international definition, covers the areas directly related to the use of Computers and Numerical Tools and Methodologies to promote any relevant modern science.

For that purpose, the Association:

  1. Organizes lectures, symposiums, as well as National and International Congresses on the subject of Computational Mechanics.
  2. Coordinates scientific research in Greece on the subject of Computational Mechanics and promotes contact between those who work in this scientific area.
  3. Determines the research directions in this scientific area taking into consideration the forefront of  Computational Science, as well as the technological and economical demands of Greece.
  4. Participates in the international research activities carried out in this scientific area, in cooperation with the International Association of Computational Mechanics and other relative scientific organizations from other countries.
  5. Gathers bibliographical material relevant to Computational Mechanics and Sciences.

In addition, the Association:

  1. Assigns merit-based awards to those who have contributed to the promotion of this scientific and technological area or relevant areas, as well as to Greek University graduates for excellent research carried out in the area of Computational Mechanics.
  2. Awards fellowships for postgraduate studies, to reinforce the scientific research in this area
  • GRACM publishes Conference proceedings or other scientific material related to its activities
  • GRACM plans to publish an annual review, in which the scientific activity performed from the members will be included, as well as the most important transactions of the Board of Directors.
  • GRACM also intends to edit a scientific journal for the publication of innovative and high-quality research by Greek or foreign scientists, relevant to the science of Computational Mechanics.

The founding members of GRACM are:

D. Beskos
M. Fardis
S. Anagnostopoulos
E. Mastrogiannis
T. Papatheodorou
D. Tsahalis
G. Dassios
G. Katsiaris
N. Ioakimidis
S. Paipetis
T. Kermanidis
V. Markellos
A. Pagiatakis
A. Bountis
P. Panagiotopoulos
K.D. Papailiou

A. Liolios
D. Talaslidis
A. Goudas
G. Manolis
E. Gdoutos
N. Kotsovinos
E. Galousis
A. Kounadis
I. Katsikadelis
M. Papadrakakis
A. Kanarachos
T. Loukakis
I. Vardoulakis
Ch. Massalas
V. Dougalis



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